Thursday, December 22, 2011

UCCC is giving CleanBoost a Test Drive

During the next few months Utah Clean Cities will be testing out CleanBoost, an EPA approved fuel additive. It has been proven in laboratory tests and field studies to lower vehicular emissions by increasing combustion efficiency. This results in increased engine performance, increased fuel economy and decreased wear and tear on equipment. All of these benefits translate into savings for fleet operators. This additive can be used with all grades of diesel fuel, Bio-Diesel Fuel, JP8, kerosene and gasoline, and result in an average fuel savings of 3-5%.

So how does it work? CleanBoost works with the molecular structure of fuels. Large hydrocarbon molecules have more hydrogen and burn less efficiently. This additive uses a metal catalyst to increase combustion rates of large molecules, creating smaller molecules that burn quickly and more completely, eliminating soot and NOx SOx and VOx emissions.

J-1321 laboratory testing at the Southwest Research Institute showed significant improvements in fuel economy. Tests confirmed that the CleanBoost additive increased the BTU (unit of heat) of combusted fuel without increasing Cetane, which increases engine temperatures, NOx output and engine wear. Fleet field tests have shown increased performance on the road with a decrease in fuel consumption that can range from 7% to 10 %.

As a caveat, CleanBoost starts cleaning out the engine immediate; however during this process many impurities are captured in the engine oil. Once an engine has been serviced 2-3 times oil viscosity should stabilize, and engine performance and fuel economy will increase. We will keep you posted on our progress here.

If you are interested in learning more about this fuel additive or other CleanBoost products that lower emissions and improve fuel economy contact Joshua Scoville with OuterCircle Distribution @ 801.993.9698 or More information can also be found at


UCCC is providing vehicles for CleanBoost to test out their product.
UCCC will not be conducting an scientific grade/certifiable test of CleanBoost

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