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City “greens” Parking Compliance Fleet




December 20, 2011
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City “greens” Parking Compliance Fleet

New hybrid vehicles, bicycle patrols are cost-saving and cleaner

SALT LAKE CITY – Please join Mayor Ralph Becker, Council Chairwoman Jill Remington Love and others in an unveiling of Salt Lake City’s new, high-efficiency compliance fleet at a press event on Wednesday, Dec. 21 near the electronic parking pay station at the northwest corner of 200 East and Broadway (300 South) downtown.

As part of ongoing efforts to optimize the provision of City services, Mayor Becker and the Salt Lake City Public Services Department announce the City’s compliance division has added bicycle-based patrols and two new, hybrid vehicles. The additions replace aging, less efficient vehicles and are expected to garner savings in a number of areas. Salt Lake City’s new Compliance Director, Ben Roberts, said the changes are part of an overall retooling of the division.

“Adding bicycle patrols and hybrid vehicles is a positive trend being implemented by municipalities across the country, and right here in Salt Lake City by various agencies,” Roberts said. “The changes we’re making achieve a number of goals including increased efficiency, operational savings and reduction of our carbon footprint.”

The new bicycle patrols alone, once fully implemented,will reduce the fleet’s carbon emissions by an estimated 93,000 pounds annually, while offering compliance officers increased mobility.

The Salt Lake City Council also recently approved the citywide installation of new, solar-powered electronic parking pay stations. The stations allow for multiple payment options including coins, debit and credit cards, as well as merchant-issued cards. The change brings the City’s public parking options up-to-date with a proven, user-friendly system.

The new hybrid vehicles and bicycles will be on display at the event.

EVENT: Salt Lake City Parking Compliance Green Fleet Unveiling

WHO: Mayor Ralph Becker

Council Chairwoman Jill Remington Love

Compliance Director Ben Roberts

Downtown Alliance Executive Director Jason Mathis

WHERE: 300 South & 200 East

Near electronic pay station on northwest corner

WHEN: Wednesday, Dec. 21, 1 p.m.


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