Monday, April 4, 2016

2016 Westport Training Schedule Released

Westport News Update:

2016 service training schedule is set! This intense three-day course, held at our Westport facility in Dallas, Texas covers a range of essential topics in both the classroom and on our Production floor - including hands-on repairs for light-duty vehicles (dedicated and bi-fuel).

This year we have 5 sessions:
1) April 13-16
2) June 15-17
3) August 17-19
4) October 19-21
5) December 7-9

The classes are free! I believe it's critical to have a robust training program - that's how vehicles are diagnosed efficiently and effectively, thereby reducing downtime (and loss of revenue / use) of your vehicles. Many companies "talk" about the importance of a training program, but this program is another example of Westport's commitment to delivering a high level of customer service. This is the backbone of a truly successful alternative fuel vehicle offering. Because of how important I view this program, I want to make this as small of a financially burden on your organization as feasible. 

I'm often asked if we can do training your location. The answer is "yes". There will be a cost; however, the real crux is I believe it does a disservice to your folks. In Dallas, technicians are able to learn about various systems through our extensive line-up of vehicles located on-site and they are able to meet face-to-face, the very people they will interacting with on warranty and service support (many comment this is worth the trip alone!). Is it because we have great people? Well, yes...but more importantly, it provides your technicians a clear path to resolution of a vehicle - whether it be shipping a part or diagnosing a vehicle.  

What do you need to do? Email me back with specifics - (a) how many people and (a) what dates you are requesting and I'll ensure it gets to the right people to coordinate. Space is limited as we try and limit the number of people per class. If you are interested, I would jump on this opportunity as quickly as possible.

Switching gears...

Many energy experts have predicted low energy prices for the next couple of years, but the recent month or so shows that energy prices may have bottomed. The chart below highlights the stability of natural gas prices. If you like volatility and uncertainty, gasoline is a great option. 

Last comment - we received our MY2016 CNG Transit Cargo Van / Passenger Wagon EPA certification; CARB pending (expected very soon). Our dedicated CNG F-150 CARB certification is imminent. I appreciate your business and if there is anything I can do to further support you and your organization, please do not hesitate to reach out.

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