Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year - Letter from UCCC Executive Director

Dear Members, Stakeholders and AFV supporters!

It is about time I said, “Thank You!”

Thank you for all you do! Over the past two decades the Utah Clean Cities Coalition has accomplished some pretty amazing things and none of it would not have been possible without your incredible support. In 2014 alone, the efforts of our dedicated stakeholders reduced over 13 million gasoline gallon equivalents in the state of Utah, and we are eagerly looking forward to our 2015 annual survey results.  You have made Utah a leader in the alternative fuel and advanced vehicle technology field. Whether you are a CNG crazy, an EV crazy, among the dedicated LNG heavy-duty gang, a provider of bio-fuels, or you make conscientious transportation choices like our Idle Free cities, you have made a tremendous difference! Our communities are cleaner and healthier because of your efforts.

It is that time of year when you take stock of the past and plan for the exciting challenges of the new year. UCCC and its partners have much to be proud of, whether its Utah’s #1 ranking CNG Infrastructure per capita, recognition by the DOE for the most improved LNG statewide infrastructure, national recognition of our public transportation system, or the new progressive programs for EVSE infrastructure developments spearheaded by members of UCCC’s EV taskforce. The list goes on. The number one common denominator?

Outstanding leadership. At the Federal level with our own Senator Orin Hatch sponsoring the Clean Air Act in 1991. At the state level with many state legislators helping to implement new incentives to build our economic base and clean the air with the use of alternative fuels, most currently Rep. Snow, Rep. Arent and Rep. Handy. At the local level with the mayors that support the Governor’s annual idle free declaration. Partnered with the many business leaders and community members committed to smarter and cleaner transportation, we have made Utah a leader in the nation for alternative fuels and advanced technology vehicles– we are so proud! Thank you for your efforts!

I would be remiss not to thank our own leadership, the UCCC Board of Directors and Operating Committee, for their dedication to our mission, donation of their time and resources and their invaluable guidance. We are excited to welcome David Duey back as chair of the Operating Committee for 2016, and we would thank Steve Anderton for all of his hard work as chair in 2014 & 2015. We wish him well and look forward to working with him in his new position as Managing Director, of Transmission and Distribution Support Services at Rocky Mountain Power.

I am looking forward to the New Year.  Tammie Cooper has settled in as the Communications and Northern Coordinator, and together we are ready to take 2016 by storm. Our number one goal is to reconnect with stakeholders and learn how we can be of the most value to you. This year will be a time of reevaluation, rejuvenation and implementation.
Utah is a leader because of all of your efforts and we have been noticed! We will continue to move forward with cleaner alternative fuels and vehicle technologies, to increase our energy independence, to ensure the stability of our local economy, and to strive to never be ranked among dirtiest states in the nation for air quality again.

In closing, idle less and continue to be the best!


Robin Erickson
Executive Director & Southern Coordinator
Utah Clean Cities Coalition

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