Saturday, June 27, 2015

Dedicated-CNG Civic Still Available in Utah

Honda Discontinues dedicated-CNG Civic & Civic Hybrid models

June 15th, American Honda North America announced that they will be discontinuing its dedicated-CNG Civic Natural Gas and Civic Hybrid models. Challenges with refueling infrastructure and consumer demand where the major drivers of this decision according to Honda VP John Mendel. This change is part of Honda's shift towards a new generation of advanced technology vehicles for the 2016 model year, including a new fuel cell vehicle. Official Release

Currently, there are over 250 dedicated-CNG Civics (model year 2014 and model year 2015) in stock at Honda Dealerships across the country. Honda has committed to provide  the same high level of service and warranty support for all natural gas civic clients in the future. Below is a list of all Utah dealers that have dedicated-CNG vehicles in stock. As of today, there are only eight 2014 Civic Natural Gas units remaining in the state of Utah. American Honda has offered to bring additional vehicles in from out-of-state for business and fleet customers if there is demand. However, if these vehicles are not purchased in the near term, they will be used for fill out-of-state orders. 

 If you are interested, as a fleet or consumer, please contact the dealers listed or Elizabeth Munger a Honda Field Sales Consultant (512-694-1004 or

Natural gas industry partner letter issued on June 15th:

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