Friday, January 23, 2015

Utah Drives Electric

Winter months in Utah not only bring snow and colder temperatures, but also the dreaded inversion season. The Utah Clean Cities Coalition is dedicated to several initiatives, one of them being improved air quality.   One way Utahans can lower their carbon emissions and therefore improve air quality is driving electric vehicles.  The Utah Office of Energy Development recently launched a new website to promote electric vehicles, or EVs, and to give more information about the benefits of driving EVs in Utah.
Electric Vehicles, or Battery Electric Vehicles as they are also often called, use rechargeable battery packs to power the vehicles instead of gasoline.  Since they require no petroleum-based fuel to power the car, they are a great to help combat our pollution problem in Utah.  They have the potential to reduce emissions associated with fuel burning in cars such as carbon monoxide, organic compounds, nitrogen oxide, sulfur, and other particulate matter. 
The website is a great resource to find more information about all things EV.  Thoroughly researched, this site links you to all sorts of information from charging stations to environmental impacts of electric verses gasoline fueled vehicles.  Check it out for yourself and learn about all the great things EVs are doing for Utah!

Eva Grimmer, UCCC Intern

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