Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Lancer Automotive Group & GPS Insight Sign Partnership

GPS Insight enters installation, distribution
partnership with Lancer Automotive Group.
18 December 2014

GPS Insight, a top GPS fleet tracking provider, signed a non-exclusive,
installation and distribution partnership agreement with Lancer Automotive
Group, a leader in the intermountain west for alternative fuel conversions.
Lancer Automotive will add the GPS Insight fleet tracking solution to its CNG,
LPG and EV products, providing a one-stop shopping experience for
commercial fleets that are looking to reduce their dependence on petroleum
based fuels.

Lancer Automotive Group will work with fleets to leverage the fleet
operations data provided by the GPS Insight fleet tracking solution, to
reduce emissions as part of an Idle Free Campaign and to lower fuel
consumption. As part of Lancer Automotive Group’s Green Fleet program,
they will donate $5.00 for each unit sold to the Clean Cities Coalition in the
state which the GPS Insight tracking device is used.

“Idle reduction strategies is a key part of the Clean Cities program. The
partnership between GPS Insight and Lancer Automotive Group will enhance
our idling program by providing the additional training needed for fleets. The
donations provided by Lancer Automotive Group will help us purchase
additional idle reductions supplies for our schools throughout the state. Big
thank you!”  -Robin Erickson, Executive Director Utah Clean Cities

The capability of the GPS Insight system makes economic sense for our fleet
customers, offering a quick return on investment. This partnership provides
a great way for our fleets to use Idle Free training reduce fuel costs, with a
reduction emissions.—Scott Brandeberry, VP Lancer Automotive Group

We are very excited about our partnership with Lancer Automotive Group.
Lancer Auto Group are experts in using GPS based operations data to lower
greenhouse gas emissions for commercial fleets. We have found that the
fleets that measure their greenhouse gas emissions, and implement
programs to reduce them, are by far the most successful in minimizing their
carbon footprint.—Harold Leitner, VP of Business Development at GPS Insight

Insight is a fleet and asset tracking software that allows fleet
management professionals to have complete visibility into mobile operations
to reduce costs, reduce risk and increase revenue. GPS Insight provides
highly flexible solutions, which include a wide range of customized reports,
alerts, and other innovative features that Lancer Automotive Group can
tailor to meet specific customer requirements and ensure maximum return
on investment.

To learn more about GPS Insight or to request a demonstration of the
software, contact Scott Brandeberry (scott@lancerautogroup.com) at Lancer
Automotive Group 801-268-8862 or Ryan Driscoll, Marketing Director at GPS
Insight (Ryan.Driscoll@gpsinsight.com) 866-477-4321 x8003

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