Friday, December 27, 2013

Salt Lake County Health Department Air Quality Bureau- A Success Story

The Air Quality Bureau
Cleaning Utah’s Cities

The residents of Utah have gorgeous views of mountain ranges, lakes, and red rock vistas. Unfortunately these sights can be covered by inversions created in part by vehicle emissions. Utah Clean Cities Coalition (UCCC) has actively worked with the Air Quality Bureau, of the Salt Lake County Health Department, to reduce the detrimental effects of vehicle emissions through many clean air initiatives. 

Since UCCC’s inception in 1994, the Salt Lake County Health Department has actively worked towards optimizing air quality to promote and protect community and environmental health.  With this goal in mind, the Air Quality Bureau has successfully helped implement air quality programs and has educated the community on the advantages of natural gas and the detrimental effects of vehicle emissions.

The Air Quality Bureau has worked to facilitate the expansion of UCCC into other areas of the State by building relationships with organizations via the Utah Environmental Health Association, as well as other local Health Departments.

Decreasing idling practices significantly reduces air pollution in the Salt Lake Valley. The Air Quality Bureau has been a pioneer in leading the way for idle-reduction programs. When UCCC implemented the “Turn Your Key, Be Idle Free” program with school districts, the bureau promoted the program’s ideals state wide.

In addition to the Idle Free Campaign, the Bureau has assisted in other statewide efforts. The Clear the Air Challenge, of which UCCC and the Bureau were partners, was successful with heavy support from the Bureau. In 2010, the Bureau presented the Declaration of Independence from Fossil Fuels, which emphasizes the need to decrease our reliance on fossil fuels. Recently, the Air Quality Bureau was able to host compressed natural gas (CNG) training at their facility, allowing several individuals, including members of the Utah Highway Patrol’s Vehicle Inspection Program, to become certified in inspecting motor vehicle CNG tanks.
Key Members of Utah Clean Cities & 
The Air Quality Bureau (left to right): 
Richard Valentine, Robin Erickson (UCCC), 
Jim Jeffries, Sophia Jackson (UCCC), Mark Bowers

The Air Quality Bureau and its members valiantly seek ways to improve Utah’s air quality through anti-idling practices, emissions testing, and programs to reduce our dependence on petroleum fuels.

Utah Clean Cities is fortunate to have a wonderful partner who is dedicated to improving our community and environmental health.

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