Monday, August 19, 2013

A New CNG Partnership Among UCCC Stakeholders


Salt Lake City, Utah – July 31, 2013 – Ares Transportation Technologies, a leading
alternative transportation technology company, has secured rights to sell and install the
Powerfuel CNG System’s Ford Total Integration EPA certified bi-fuel and dedicated
compressed natural gas systems.

The Powerfuel system was designed to Ford’s Q-185 engineering standards to
compliment and be fully supported by Ford’s warranty program and is currently available
for Ford’s flagship 5.0-liter F-150 as well as the 6.2-liter F-250/F-350 Super Duty

“The Powerfuel system represents cutting edge technology in the fast emerging CNG
transportation industry offering previously unattainable OEM authorized synchronization
of the CNG system with Ford’s factory-installed engine controls enabling seamless
operation between the two fuels.” said Steve Pruitt with Ares. “What sets the Powerfuel’s
system apart is that it can also operate in a hybrid mode mixing natural gas with gasoline
employing fuel displacement technology providing increased vehicle performance and
reduced wear.”

“As the number of CNG fueling stations grows in proportion to the public demand for the
use of cleaner domestic fuels, the demand for reliable systems has followed and this
combination has the potential to have an impact on not only our regional economy but the
air we all endure each winter in the Salt Lake Valley” continued Pruitt. “Though there
are other systems in the marketplace, the conversion industry is punctuated with
manufacturers, systems and installers that offer either non-certified systems or have
quality control issues leaving customers with systems that, more often than not, do not
work as advertised while the Powerful system is the best system we have installed in
terms of its engineering, ease of installation, performance, manufacturer support and
customer satisfaction. The first of these systems are now in use by Rio Tinto’s Kennecott
Copper fleet.”

“As part of our commitment to sustainable development, we have implemented a number
of programs aimed at reducing greenhouse gases, unnecessary fuel consumption and
reducing vehicle maintenance” said Richard Kauss, Superintendent of Support Services
for Kennecott. “”Through programs such as our idle free program, we have saved over 2
million gallons of fuel and over $6 million while reducing our GHG emissions by over
21,000 tons since 2008 and the conversion of our vehicles to CNG is just another step
enabling us to increase these results and to lead by example and Ares is uniquely
positioned and qualified to assist us in the continued pursuit of these programs with their
CNG conversion capabilities particularly with Ford vehicles” continued Kauss.

CNG can currently be purchased in Utah for as low as $1.49 per gallon and according to
the EPA, reduces carbon-monoxide emissions by up to 97%, nitrogen-oxide emissions by
up to 60% and can also reduce non-methane hydrocarbon emissions by up to 75%, while
producing fewer carcinogenic pollutants and little or no particulate matter.

About Ares Transportation Technologies. Ares developed the world’s first hybrid
electric Le Mans prototype racecar becoming the first electrically powered car to finish
on the podium of an internationally sanctioned event. Ares transferred its racecar
technology to develop its Assistive Drive System for the trucking industry, re-fueling
systems for the world’s first diesel-displacement Pisten Bully mountain groomers used
this past winter at Park City and Alta ski resorts and LNG fueling systems for the
trucking industry. Ares has received recognition for its work from the EPA, US
Department of Energy, Utah Green Business, SAE International and the Wall Street
Journal. As one of the leading companies for CNG conversions in the Intermountain
West, Ares also offers CNG systems for GM vehicles with customers including Questar,
Wexpro, Avista, US Forest Service, GSL Electric, Washington City, Hyster, Utility
Trailer, QEP Resources, Cargill and Ultra Petroleum.

For additional information, contact Steve Pruitt:
Email -
Web –
Phone – 801-541-3733

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